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Our broad-based services offer many rewarding volunteer opportunities. If you possess a special skill or passion–or even a calling–we can place you for as many hours a week as you can serve. Consider these opportunities (or bring your own suggestions–we're always open to good ideas). Remember, we empower our residents to help themselves by gaining new skills and new perspectives. Sometimes just eye contact and a conversation is enough to make a resident's day! Your presence alone at Magnificat House is an enormous gift! And there are many ways to help:

The Mustard Seed (Our Thrift/Consignment Shop): Volunteers often assist our residents in learning new skills. You can help with organizing clothing and goods donated to The Mustard Seed–and arranging them attractively in the ever-changing landscape. Pricing skills are always good. Perhaps you have marketing skills and would like to help us get the word out! Or you might enjoy initiating a donations drive on your own, through your neighborhood organization or club or church. Sales at the shop underwrite our Ministry.

Loaves & Fishes (Our Soup Kitchen): Volunteers often minister at Loaves & Fishes at 2009 Congress (77002). With at least 200 mouths to feed (usually more), six days a week, every volunteer has plenty of opportunity to help the community. Some bring or donate food, cook at home or on site, serve and stay for clean-up. Residents are grateful to work alongside volunteers and sometimes relationships develop. Perhaps your church would like to provide a group of volunteers to cover a Sunday or weekday once or more.

Our ICCD Accredited Clubhouses: We host this international organization serving the mentally ill from two campuses-St. Joseph House in Midtown Houston and the Dona Marie Clubhouse in Southeast Houston. Many Magnificat residents are also Clubhouse members, and other members come for full-day programs. Both facilities offer serene, spacious grounds and gardens. Volunteers work alongside members in meaningful tasks designed to build skills (and confidence). Volunteering by those interested in teaching basic or advanced communication skills find a good place to share any expertise, such as computer skills, languages and GED preparation. Special events coordination is always appreciated!

Food Processing and Distribution: The food pantry services our organizations residents for the most part and the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen as well. Picking up, stocking and delivering supplies to our houses is a full time job. Inventory and stock rotation are jobs that a whole family might feel comfortable with as an introduction to our organization. The Houston Food Bank plays a major part in our effort to feed the less fortunate and we can't say "Thanks" enough for their participation through and with us.

Adopt a House: Consider one of our houses as your house. A place where you or your organization will offer a commitment to care for the residents, or the structure, or both. Some houses with as few as six residents, others as many as eighteen. Perhaps you'd like to sponsor a house party (always anticipated by residents). Or plant an herb garden. Or supervise residents in maintenance tasks. Or just show up to visit residents with magazines and cookies. Or drive a resident to the doctor. Or redecorate the living room. Consider yourself a House Parent–one with the initiative to address a concern.

Horticulture: Cutting and trimming the grass can be tough in years when we get good seasonal rainfall. There are acres around our Clubhouses and vegetable gardens that produce fresh fare. Our clubhouses can usually care for this area themselves although, they will not turn down a helping hand.


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